Last Jedi Minute 45: Telecommunication

Guest commentator Tim Barnes leaves us in stitches and Kylo’s face doesn’t look so good either!


Last Jedi Minute 44: Unidentified Union Dispute

Strikebreaker Maz Kanata pops in for a quick cameo but Tim Barnes is guest commentating all week!


Last Jedi Minute 43: Red Vines

Guest commentator Tim Barnes from the YubNub podcast listens in on Finn and Rose’s theory for infiltrating Snoke’s ship!


Last Jedi Minute 42: The New Blow-It-Up Guy

Finn reveals the secret of the Cloaked Binary Beacon to Rose but it will take more than that to impress guest commentator Tim Barnes!


Last Jedi Minute 41: Underwear

Guest commentator Tim Barnes arrives as Finn prepares to depart, only to be stopped by Tase Crazy Rose Tico!

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