Last Jedi Minute 80: Lightsaber Choices


The circle is now complete as guest commentator Riley Silverman finally learns the truth about what happened that fateful night in Kylo Ren’s bedroom!


Last Jedi Minute 79: Scanning Sleeping Kids


Rey continues the Jedi tradition of attempting to kill her master with guest commentator and confessed light-saber nerd Riley Silverman!


Last Jedi Minute 78: You Better Shape Up


Guest commentator Riley Silverman walks in on a steamy handshake between Reylo but Luke doesn’t take it well!


Last Jedi Minute 77: A Trick of Light


Rey is devastated by the Swamp Hole’s Magic Force Mirror’s insight so she reaches out to Kylo Ren and guest commentator Riley Silverman!


Last Jedi Minute 76: The Snap


Guest commentator Riley Silverman returns to watch what Rey sees as she gazes into the Magic Force Mirror to discover the secret of her parents!

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