Last Jedi Minute 120: The Red Baron


Guest commentator Liz Whitaker makes a cameo in the guest commentator trenches as the Resistance prepares for the First Order’s peppery assault!


Last Jedi Minute 119: The Tina Yothers of Star Wars


The First Order brings in the canonical super cannon but we have guest commentator Legendary Liz Whitaker!


Last Jedi Minute 118: Leia’s Party


Guest commentator Liz Whitaker is back in the mines of Crait, as are Rose, Leia & Connix! #MineGirlsMinute


Last Jedi Minute 117: Petting a Hedgehog


Guest commentator Liz Whitaker is on hand to watch the #Resistance prepare for the #skywalker family reunion on Crait!


Last Jedi Minute 116: Dememberfied


While Hux & Kylo bicker about who’s in charge commentator Liz Whitaker is here to claim the throne!

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