Rogue One Minute 55: The Caring Alien

Guest commentator Kelly Anneken listens to Jyn’s crazy story about a space station that can destroy planets and how her father is a hero for building it!

R1 55


Rogue One Minute 54: Themes

Stardust and the Pilot reminisce about what a great man war-criminal Galen Erso is with guest commentor Kelly Anneken!

R1 54


Rogue One Minute 53: An Apoplectic Krennic

We have a message from guest commentator Kelly Anneken regarding Tenzigo Weems and the next step in the plan to murder Galen Erso!

R1 53


Rogue One Minute 52: Where Science and Magic Blur

The Death Star’s maiden voyage was a success but Krennic will want to hear what guest commentator Kelly Anneken is tarkin’ about!

R1 52


Rogue One Minute 51: Punch It!

Guest commentator Kelly Anneken arrives just in time to watch the Rogues escape from the Death Star’s mayhem on Jedha!

R1 51

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