Last Jedi Minute 105: The Gymnatorium


Guest commentator Kelly Annekin has to split, leaving Snoke half the man he used to be!


Last Jedi Minute 104: Spin the Bottle


Rey fires up Kylo’s saber to take on Snoke but guest commentator Kelly Anneken is the one bringing the heat!


Last Jedi Minute 103: First Order Bank


Guest commentator Kelly Annekin brings the levity but can Rey levitate the light saber she needs to escape?


Last Jedi Minute 102: Anachronistic Music Cues


Our heroes discover DJ has sold them out to the First Order with guest commentator Kelly Anneken!


Last Jedi Minute 101: RENT


Guest commentator Kelly Anneken joins Finn & Rose as they are forced to kneel before Hux!

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