Rogue One Minute 108: War Is Hell

Q. Why don’t droids Paul cry?
A: They’ll afraid they’ll Paul Rust!

R1 108


Rogue One Minute 107: Hanzo Shooteth Primary

Jyn and Cassian try to locate the Death Star plans in the main computer with the help from K-2S0 and the love of guest commentator Paul Rust!

R1 107


Rogue One Minute 106: 80/55

The battle of Scarif continues with guest commentator Paul Rust back in the hot seat but why did they fry poor Red-Five?

R1 106


Rogue One Minute 105: The Secret Diary of Mon Mothma

The Battle of Scarif heats up with the arrival of a squadron of T.I.E. fighters and Chrysanthe Tan slipping into the guest commentator chair!

R1 105


Rogue One Minute 104: The Threepio Moment

Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan has a blast talking about the slaughter on Scarif, raging robots and musical motifs!

R1 104

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