Rogue One Minute 115: TGIF

 I’ve got a feeling out our Alphabeatical guest commentators should say goodnight to Bodhi Rook so run for your life!

R1 115


Rogue One Minute 114: Beatletron

The flying boys of Gold Squadron are sending six fighters against a Star Destroyer? Guest commentators John and El Adam from Alphabeatical say yes! Yes! Yes!

R1 114


Rogue One Minute 113: Police Academy

John and El Adam from Alphabeatical are here to tell us what goes on but as far as bad boy Krennic is concerned happiness is a warm blaster!

R1 113


Rogue One Minute 112: Carabiner

Chirrut sets out on the long and winding road to the master switch under the watchful gaze of guest commentators El Adam and John from Alphabeatical!

R1 112


Rogue One Minute 111: Force Wind

The Alphabeatical Boys are here to watch Jyn and Cassian try to climb to the toppermost of the poppermost and retrieve those Death Star plans!

R1 111

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