Last Jedi Minute 15: The Old Man on the Mountain

Guest commentator Jackie Kashian traveled a long time to see the boss moves Luke will bust out now that Rey is giving him his lightsaber back!


Last Jedi Minute 14: Killer Robot Dog

FN-2187 is reunited with Poe Dameron and guest commentator Jackie Kashian feels so good!


Last Jedi Minute 13: All Hux

Guest commentator Jackie Kashian joins us to watch snippy Snoke mop the floor with humbled Hux for letting the Resistance retreat!


Last Jedi Minute 12: Kilroy Was Here

The dreadnaught looks more like a dreadNOT as it’s taken down by the resistance bombers and guest commentator Jackie Kashian!


Last Jedi Minute 11: The Clicker

Comedian Jackie Kashian hates to see another performer bomb but in the case of Paige Tico she’ll make an exception!

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