Rogue One Minute 65: Opposite Troopers

Galen Erso’s performance review isn’t going the way he expected but wait until he hears what guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos thinks!

R1 65


Rogue One Minute 64: Extra Extra Kill

Guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos scopes out some very nervous Imperial Engineers who feel they’re being unfairly targeted by Director Krennic!

R1 64


Rogue One Minute 63: Shades of Grey

Cassian can’t pull the trigger and complete the mission but guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos is not throwing away his shot!

R1 63


Rogue One Minute 62: In the Dog Suit

Guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos climbs aboard to track the meeting of the Imperial Engineers!

R1 62


Rogue One Minute 50: The Ants

Beautiful Tony Consiglio is here to provide some guest commentary on the Death Star being taken out for its first test drive!

R1 50

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