Rogue One Minute 24: Disney Bought Reality

Krennic mixes it up in the Moff pit but guest commentators Elliott Kalan and Jenny Jaffe are stuck in the uncanny valley!

R1 24


Rogue One Minute 23: Sexual Babies

Having seen Saw, guest commentators Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan are ready to start talking Tarkin!

R1 23


Rogue One Minute 22: Kevin

Guest commentators Elliott Kalan & Jenny Jaffe are on hand to watch rebel Saw Gerrera deal with the lies and deceptions of the defecting imperial pilot!

R1 22


Rogue One Minute 21: The Origin of the Bucket

Bodhi the Pilot is brought before Saw Gerrera, Two-Tubes, and guest commentators Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan!

R1 21


Jedi Minute 35: The Happiest Place on Earth

The deck gunners have Chewie and the desperate dangling human chain in their gun sights when something up on deck commands their attention: Luke, standing before them like a pirate king, ignites his lightsaber.
Guest commentators: Dan McCoy, Elliott Kalan, and Stuart Wellington


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Jedi Minute 35

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