Rogue One Minute 122: Sandals

R1 122

Guest commentator Greg Wyshynski reacts to Tarkin firing up the reactors of this fully armed and operational battle station!


Rogue One Minute 121: Reptile

R1 121

Guest commentator Greg Wyshynski comes up around the bend just in time to see a bad moon rising over Scarif!


Rogue One Minute 120: Analog

R1 120

Krennic seizes control of the monologue and points it back at Jyn but Cassian is done with the chit chat (unless it’s from Patreon All-Star guest commentator Kris Calabrese, of course!)


Rogue One Minute 119: The Star Wars Olympics

R1 119

Krennic shows up too late to stop Jyn’s plan but just in time to listen to her heroic monologue with Patreon All-Star guest commentator Matt Berry!


Rogue One Minute 118: No Beret

R1 118

The Rebels go totally Bumper Cars on the Imperial Fleet over Scarif, much to the amusement of Patreon All-Star guest commentator Lee Blanchard!

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