Last Jedi Minute 147: Horse Master


How many people named “Pete” worked on this production? The answer may surprise you, Alex & Pete!


Last Jedi Minute 146: Novocaine


Pete and Alex begin their trek through the star wars credits!


Rogue One Minute 134: Starting Over

R1 134

M-I-C (See? We finished Rogue One!) K-E-Y (why? Because it’s implied in our mandate! M-O-U-S-E!


Rogue One Minute 133: Cool But Rude

R1 133

The penultimate moment of Rogue One has Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson breaking out their reading glasses as the credits roll on!


Rogue One Minute 132: The Chairman

R1 132

Prop Modeling Chairman Pete Fielding is here to give us some juicy behind-the-scenes dirt on what it’s like to build stuff from a galaxy far, far away!

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