Rogue One Minute 105: The Secret Diary of Mon Mothma

The Battle of Scarif heats up with the arrival of a squadron of T.I.E. fighters and Chrysanthe Tan slipping into the guest commentator chair!

R1 105


Rogue One Minute 104: The Threepio Moment

Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan has a blast talking about the slaughter on Scarif, raging robots and musical motifs!

R1 104


Rogue One Minute 103: Albums and Tapes

It’s a battle beyond the stars with X-wings, T.I.E. fighters, medical frigates, Y-wings and, of course, guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan!

R1 103


Rogue One Minute 102: Fire Pole

Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan, General Merrick, and the heroes of Blue Squadron arrive in their fancy X-wings to save the day!

R1 102


Rogue One Minute 101: Three Mountains

B.A.Z.E. thinks he can take on the A.T.-A.C.T. but guest commentator Chyrsanthe Tan will have him singing a different tune!

R1 101

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