Rogue One Minute 84: Luau

Guest commentator Chris Weitz joins Mon Mothma in an emotional farewell to Space Jimmy Smits!

R1 84


Rogue One Minute 83: Farrah Fawcett

Guest commentator Chris Weitz has boarded and are ready to ride that stolen Imperial transport to the sunny shores of Scarif!

R1 83


Rogue One Minute 82: Now I Just Do It for Free

Jyn, Cassian and the rest of the Rogues prepare for their mission to Scarif, but Chris Weitz is only here to guest commentate!

R1 82


Rogue One Minute 81: Tenth-Level Magic User

Cassian lectures Jyn that all the awful things he’s done have been for his love of the rebellion and our guest commentator Chris Weitz!

R1 81

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