Rogue One Minute 60: The Dark Aura of a Would-Be Killer

Guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos has the face of a killer but the gentle touch of a cat burglar, which might come in handy sneaking around Eadu in the dark!

R1 60


Rogue One Minute 59: Where’d All Your Blood Go?

Cassian and the Pilot head out to look for Galen Erso, leaving Jyn and the gang suspicious, but guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos is here to assuage everyone’s fears!

R1 59


Rogue One Minute 58: Another Squeeze out of That Orange

Guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos takes a break from being on The Loudest Podcast to spend some time with the Rogues on rain-swept Eadu!

R1 58


Rogue One Minute 57: Well Stocked

The Rogues arrive on storm-ravaged Eadu in the company of guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos from the Loudest Podcast!

R1 57


Rogue One Minute 56: A Really Nice Bench

We welcome guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos back to weigh in on Cassian and Jyn’s political debate!

R1 56

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