Last Jedi Minute 125: Double Lasered


Our Alphabeatical guest commentators discuss what goes on when Finn’s flying makes Rose says honey, don’t!


Last Jedi Minute 124: The ATHH


The First Order believes happiness is a warming-up gun but guest commentators El Adam & John think it’s all too much!


Last Jedi Minute 123: Duck Hunt


Guest commentators El Adam & John from Alphabeatical twist and shout as the Falcon rocks the cavern on Crait!


Last Jedi Minute 122: Jeannie’s Bottle


The trapped rebels get by with a little help from their friends, the Millennium Falcon and guest commentators John & El Adam from Alphabeatical!


Last Jedi Minute 121: Reba Bamboo


The Battle of Crait has officially begun, as has the reign of guest commentators El Adam & John from Alphabeatical!

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