Q: Which version of the movies are you watching?

A: We’re watching the original theatrical versions, as presented on the 2006 DVDs.

Q: Why not do the Special Editions, since they’re the ones that are availble?

A:  It’s hard to pin down one definitive edition of the Trilogy, as pretty much every release has had some new batch of alterations (read this for a mind-boggling list of changes), but we feel the ones we’re using best represent the version that we grew up watching.

Q: How many times have you guys seen Star Wars?

A: Several, I think.

Q: Are you going to cover all the movies?

A: Let’s finish Star Wars and Empire and see what happens.

Q: Why don’t you guys call it A New Hope?

A: When the movie came out, it was just called Star Wars. The lines “Episode IV: A NEW HOPE” were added to the opening title crawl in 1981. The 2006 DVDs preserve the original crawl, much to Pete’s delight.

Q: Speaking of opening titles, what’s that groovy version of the Star Wars theme you guys use as your intro song? What about the closing theme? Or the song that plays when you’re doing ads?

A: Our main theme is a song called Living In These Star Wars by The Rebel Force Band. We use the beginning of the ‘Disco Version’ as our opening song, and we used an instrumental break from the original version to play us off at the end of each episode while covering Star Wars.

Check out the rest of the album for other great songs like ‘A Respirator for Darth Vader‘and ‘Chewie the Rookie Wookie‘.

For Empire, our closing theme is The Empire Strikes Back (Medley) by Meco, who also did the classic ‘Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk‘.

When we’re trying to sell you stuff, the version of the Imperial March playing in the background is from an excellent album called ‘Ukulele Force‘, which also features Pete’s favorite version of “Love Theme From Attack Of The Clones”.

All are definitely worth a listen, plus if you buy them using those links, we get a small percentage of the purchase price to help keep the show up and running here at Star Wars Minute .

Q: How else can I support the show?

A: First and foremost, spread the word. Tell all your nerdy friends to subscribe in iTunes. Follow us on Twitter. ‘Like’ us on FacebookBuy Alex’s books.

Then you can help us by supporting our sponsors:

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Q: Can I be a guest on Star Wars Minute?

A: Sorry, we’re pretty much booked right now. Are you famous enough to make us want to kick one of our friends off the show to accommodate you? Email us: podcast@starwarsminute.com. Maybe we can work something out.

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