Last Jedi Minute 132: Force Dentist


There’s no way Luke could’ve survived the First Order’s assault but guest commentators Stuart, Dan & Eliot from the Flop house may have a theory!


Last Jedi Minute 131: Pound Puppies


Guest commentators Eliot, Stuart & Dan from the Flop House open fire on Kylo’s Uncle Luke!


Last Jedi Minute 130: Saile Minnau


Want a cameo in a #StarWars movie? Guest commentator Nathan Hamill reveals the secret!


Last Jedi Minute 129: Hope Quota


Guest commentator Father David tells us why Luke & Leia’s spirited farewell is one of his favorite scenes!


Last Jedi Minute 128: The Spark is Out


Things seem bleak until General Organa gets a haunting visit from her brother Wormie and guest commentator Crystal Beth!

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