Last Jedi Minute 76: The Snap


Guest commentator Riley Silverman returns to watch what Rey sees as she gazes into the Magic Force Mirror to discover the secret of her parents!


Last Jedi Minute 75: Infinity Steeles


Guest commentator Steele Saunders is here to catch some Reys way down in the hole and gives us his HONEST opinion of #TheLastJedi!


Last Jedi Minute 74: Space Bones


Guest commentator Steele Saunders from Steele Wars joins Rey as she takes the plunge into the magic wet swamp hole!


Last Jedi Minute 73: Milhouse


Luke Skywalker ignites the green but is it enough to satisfy guest commentator Steele Saunders? From a certain point of view!


Last Jedi Minute 72: The Ripple


Rey says hello to Swolo but guest commentator Steele Saunders is untoppable!

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