Last Jedi Minute 86: The Dealership


Guest commentator Hal Lublin joins us, boldly flying in the face of DJ’s explicit advice!


Last Jedi Minute 85: Marvin Suggs


Guest commentator Tony Thaxton joins us for a pre-do it conversation about DJ’s negotiations with Finn & Rose!


Last Jedi Minute 84: Ghosty Ghost


Force ghost Yoda has a final fireside lesson for young Skywalker and guest commentator Tony Thaxton!


Last Jedi Minute 83: My Stick


Guest commentator Tony Thaxton sits down with Yoda & Luke for an informative fireside chat about failure!


Last Jedi Minute 82: Steve Martin


Luke attempts to burn the sacred Jedi texts but is interrupted by a familiar latex face—guest commentator Tony Thaxton!

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