Rogue One Minute 27: Chew-Threepio

Our heroes make the long trek to Jedha City accompanied only by guest commentator Ken Plume!

R1 27


Rogue One Minute 26: Missing the Tremble

Guest commentator Ken Plume arrives just in time for our heroes to arrive at Jedha City to find the elusive Saw Gerrera!

R1 26


Rogue One Minute 25: Swedish Severity

We close out our week with guest commentator Jenny Jaffe with a flashback to happier days when Jyn’s dad had a steady job with government benefits!

R1 25


Rogue One Minute 24: Disney Bought Reality

Krennic mixes it up in the Moff pit but guest commentators Elliott Kalan and Jenny Jaffe are stuck in the uncanny valley!

R1 24


Rogue One Minute 23: Sexual Babies

Having seen Saw, guest commentators Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan are ready to start talking Tarkin!

R1 23

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