Rogue One Minute 32: Silence the Cat

Jedha City erupts in a wave of terrorist fury as the peacekeepers are attacked by the Gerrera Gang plus guest commentator Crystal Beth!

R1 32


Rogue One Minute 31: Bold as M*A*S*H

Guest commentator Crystal Beth accompanies Jyn and Cassian as they wander the streets of Jedha under the watchful eye of Stormtroopers!

R1 31


Rogue One Minute 30: Armchair It Anyway

Jyn meets some peculiar characters on her tour of Jedha including Chirrut the pure, Baze the silent and Ken Plume the guest commentator!

R1 30


Rogue One Minute 29: Bor Gummet

You’ll be careful when Jyn and Cassian bump into some old friends in Jedha City: Walrusman, Doc Evigan and guest commentator Ken Plume!

R1 29


Rogue One Minute 28: Magic Show

Guest commentator Ken Plume loses his mind when confronted by the tentacled terror known only as…Bor Gullet!

R1 28

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