Rogue One Minute 44: Little Force Tingles

Tarkin and Krennic are warming up the Death Star but it’s guest commentator Liz Whittaker who brings the heat!

R1 44


Rogue One Minute 43: One More Saw Thing

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker cuts the chatter when she sees a familiar giant laser moon orbiting Jedha!

R1 43


Rogue One Minute 42: Just Kevin and a Stool

Saw Gerrera suspects someone is there to kill him but is it Jyn Erso or guest commentator Liz Whittaker? The answer may surprise you!

R1 42


Rogue One Minute 41: Stuck in the Bannister

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker takes a break from Mean Girls Minute to help us parse out the parlay between Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera!

R1 41


Rogue One Minute 40: Baby Jacket

It’s a happy reunion as Jyn is brought before Saw Gerrera for questioning, but guest commentator Josh Flanagan is the one with all the answers!

R1 40

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