Rogue One Minute 73: Fighting the Phantom Menace

Joseph Scrimshaw takes a break from Force Center to be our guest commentator but Cassian Andor is shutting down any further complaining!

R1 73


Rogue One Minute 72: An Angry Military Mister Rogers

Jyn and Cassian debate the ethics of eliminating the inventor of the Imperial Superweapon that will kill over two billion people. Guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw is here to cast the deciding vote!

R1 72


Rogue One Minute 71: Laser Jerk

Guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw lends a hand talking about the Rogues’ daring escape from the Imperial stronghold, but what else could Eadu?

R1 71


Rogue One Minute 70: Best Guess for Fomalhaut

“Failin” Erso joins shuffles off this mortal coil, telling the Rogues it’s time to say farewell to Eadu and guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska!

R1 70


Rogue One Minute 69: Skippy Erso

Guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska is here for the father daughter reunion before Galen goes slip slidin’ away to Christian Heaven!

R1 69

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