TFA 67: Chocolate Magic

Rey stands, fast. Still overwhelmed, emotional, speechless.

Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer

TFA Minute 67

TFA 66: Light Side Lightsaber

Rey OPENS THE BOX and sees inside Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber.

Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer

TFA Minute 66

TFA 65: Navigating the Stairs

Rey steps down into the basement corridor. BB-8 follows her.

Guest Commentator: John Kovalic

TFA Minute 65

TFA 64: Snoob Jumbo

With quiet resignation, Rey watches Finn return to the aliens.

Guest Commentator: Ryan Alexander-Tanner

TFA Minute 64

TFA 63: Hauntings

Finn stands to leave. He offers the gun back to Han.

Guest Commentator: Nikki Siclare

TFA Minute 63
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