Rogue One Minute 41: Stuck in the Bannister

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker takes a break from Mean Girls Minute to help us parse out the parlay between Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera!

R1 41


Rogue One Minute 40: Baby Jacket

It’s a happy reunion as Jyn is brought before Saw Gerrera for questioning, but guest commentator Josh Flanagan is the one with all the answers!

R1 40


Rogue One Minute 39: Fortuna Family Reunion

Guest commentator Josh Flanagan joins us on a tour of the Gerrera gang’s secret clubhouse!

R1 39


Rogue One Minute 38: Arbmab

Jyn tries to play the Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am? card but Two-Tubes isn’t convinced, nor is guest commentator Josh Flanagan!

R1 38


Rogue One Minute 37: The Old Fart-Baze Combo

The Rogues are taken into custody by Two-Tubes and the Gerrera gang plus guest commentator Josh Flanagan!

R1 37

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