Rogue One Minute 129: The Fantastical and the Credible

R1 129

Who better to guest commentate the credits than famous card Joe Dator? Nobody that’s who!


Rogue One Minute 128: Pop Culture

R1 128

Guest commentator Joe Dator returns to help us make our way through this roll-call of champions, AKA the credits of Rogue One!


Rogue One Minute 127: The Minions of Their Day

R1 127

It’s time to give credits where credits are due so we’ve brought in Joe Dator to guest commentate for you!


Rogue One Minute 126: Fake Shemp

R1 126

Guest commentating mainstay Joe Dator returns to give us his thoughts on CGI Princess Leia and…hope!


Rogue One Minute 125: Copious Death

R1 125

Ani? Little Ani? Guest commentator and angel of Death Greg Wyshynski meets up with a familiar cunning warrior….and a good friend.

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