TFA 92: The Force Power Draft

The Trooper Guard DROPS HIS WEAPON without turning back — Rey HEARS the gun fall.

Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman

TFA Minute 92

TFA 91: The Junior Torture Table

SLOW PUSH IN ON REY, shackled, mind still racing over what’s happened between her and Kylo Ren.

Guest Commentator: Hal Lublin

TFA Minute 91

TFA 90: Grandmother’s House

Kylo Ren, mask off, stands before Snoke.

Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Brian Holz

TFA Minute 90

TFA 89: Sith 2.0

The FEROCITY of confrontation builds until it hits critical mass.

Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Laser Lance

TFA Minute 89

TFA 88: The Blaster Bolt’s Fever Dream

Trepidation flashes across Rey’s eyes. Kylo Ren moves closer, his hand rising toward her.

Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Todd Pfrommer

TFA Minute 88
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