Rogue One Minute 61: White Cane

Someone let Chirrut Imwe out in the rain and guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos doesn’t know if he can take it! Oh no!

R1 61


TFA 61: Examples of Evil

Finn stops, seeing Maz adjusting her goggles, scrutinizing him — her eyes get HUGE.

Guest Commentator: Liz Whitaker from Mean Girls Minute

TFA Minute 61

ROTS 61: Utapauan Dragons

Revenge of the Sith Minute 61: GENERAL GRIEVOUS jumps onto a WHEEL SCOOTER and takes off down the wall of the sinkhole.

Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator

Revenge of the Sith Minute 61

Attack of the Clones Minute 61: Antimacassar

ANAKIN opens his eyes and looks at her.

Guest commentators: Ralph Attanasia and Asterios Kokkinos

Attack of the Clones Minute 61

Phantom Menace Minute 61: Bag of Planets

ANAKIN’S engine floods and coughs – then dies. All the other Podracers except one swerve around him and disappear down the track.
Guest Commentator: Asterios Kokkinos

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Phantom Menace Minute 61


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