TFA 95: We’re Not Doing It Again

Chewie and Finn follow Han’s orders as they prepare the Falcon for one more daring run, maybe its last.

Guest Commentator: Chris Eliopoulos

TFA Minute 95

TFA 94: Everything Immediately

All eyes on Finn as he moves around the hologram to a location on the Starkiller Base — it is ZOOMED IN: A GIANT BLACK HEXAGONAL STRUCTURE.

Guest Commentator: Jordan D. White

TFA Minute 94

TFA 93: Admiral Emeritus

Finn, now a member of the inner circle of the Resistance, is huddled with the group around the MAP TABLE, which displays a WIREFRAME HOLOGRAM of a ROLLING VIEW OF THE SURFACE OF STARKILLER BASE.

Guest Commentator: Matt Gourley

TFA Minute 93

TFA 92: The Force Power Draft

The Trooper Guard DROPS HIS WEAPON without turning back — Rey HEARS the gun fall.

Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman

TFA Minute 92

TFA 91: The Junior Torture Table

SLOW PUSH IN ON REY, shackled, mind still racing over what’s happened between her and Kylo Ren.

Guest Commentator: Hal Lublin

TFA Minute 91
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